Proflexoral For Joints

Among the many supplements claiming to aid joint health, Proflexoral has emerged as a breakthrough supplement containing a premium blend of bioavailable and potent ingredients. Proflexoral targets joint relief by delivering an analgesic act in addition to building the damaged structural units of joints thereby bringing a lasting relief. Addressing the root cause of joint pain, the supplement bolsters the joint components in a manner that increases the mobility range and provides release from dependability.

Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain and nearly 54.4 million US adults suffer from this debilitating condition, almost one out of every four individuals. A chronic condition, arthritis is the leading cause of work disability and has a significant economic impact, both at personal and community levels. According to CDC figures

“In 2013, the total national arthritis-attributable medical care costs and earnings losses among adults with arthritis were $303.5 billion or 1% of the 2013 US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”

In the wake of such disturbing figures, supplements like Proflexoral bring an optimistic approach to effectively manage the painful conditions as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and others without the side effects of regular painkillers.

What is Proflexoral?

The customary management of arthritic conditions involves steroid-based drugs that combat inflammation or NSAIDS that bring relief to pain. While both of these approaches have their side effects and are temporary measures that require discontinuation of the treatment at some point, Proflexoral offers an unremitting support to ailing joints.

This is only possible because of the unique blend of ingredients present in Proflexoral that deliver their target results without disturbing the body’s physiology or biochemical profile. Therefore, it can be used for as long as you want; some of the customers have even reported a continued relief even after discontinuation of the supplement implying that Proflexoral has enduring benefits regarding the structural composition of joints.

Proflexoral comprises of traditional herbal ingredient that has scientific backing for its efficiency. In addition to that, the subject supplement contains some of the best up to date ingredients for joint support and repair. The combination of traditional and modern elements brings a fast relief to ailing joints and via a repairing and rebuilding process, restores the joints to a healthy state.+

The working of Proflexoral

Though you may find some ingredients in Proflexoral that are common with other joint supplements, the combination of the components delivers the efficacy so characteristic of Proflexoral.

Proflexoral works by a factual restoration of the joint structure via new cartilage production and enhanced joint fluid, thereby improving the cushion effect. The padding of the joints improve the sliding action of different joint structures over each other and with a reduced friction, the mobility range is improved. There is no early morning stiffness and restricted mobility usually associated with damaged joints.

At the same time of joint restoration, Proflexoral delivers a cooling effect on the inflammation sequence within the joints. This aids in pain relief and reduces the exposure of joint to further damage.

It can be safely deduced that Proflexoral imparts a short-term as well as long-term joint support, relieving one from the physical and psychological dependence by re-establishing one’s active status in the community.


The claims made by Proflexoral

The manufacturer of Proflexoral touts that the consumer would experience a relief within days of taking the supplement owing to the better bioavailability of the ingredients. Of course, the benefits are all in reverse order regarding pain and disability of an arthritic condition. Proflexoral is tagged with

  • Bringing the youthful vitality back to the joints with smooth gliding movements
  • A soothing and calming effect within minutes of taking the supplement
  • Null and void dependence on life-threatening and unsafe drugs like opioid and NSAIDS
  • No limitations in the form of physical disability and dependence
  • Return of normal activities with an enjoyment of life’s little pleasures
  • A better sleep pattern due to an absence of stiff and painful back, legs and arms
  • Return of fine movements as knitting, needlework and computer tasks
  • An improved state of health with better mood and behavior

The active ingredients in Proflexoral

Proflexoral makes use of a patented formula used in Japan for pain relief in arthritic conditions. This age-old formula is so effective in combating the inflammation and pain that the manufacturer of Proflexoral had to include it in their supplement along with other joint-supporting components.

To know if a supplement is effective enough to deliver what it claims, the ingredient listing is important to know so read on.

  • Boswellia Serrata resin extract

The much-celebrated ingredient of Proflexoral, Boswellia Serrata is a traditional Asian ingredient used for combating inflammation. A time-honored formula, it blocks the enzymatic activity that leads to an inflammatory flare-up, typical of an arthritic attack.

“Four acids in Boswellia resin contribute to the herb’s anti-inflammatory properties.”

Word is spreading regarding BSE owing to research work being done in order to explore its effectiveness in cancer treatment; however, the ingredient is an established anti-inflammatory agent that starts working in minimal time to ease the chronic pain and ache of arthritis.

“A 2003 study published in the journal Phytomedicine found that all 30 people with OA knee pain who received Boswellia reported a decrease in knee pain. They also reported an increase in knee flexion and how far they could walk”.

  • Turmeric Curcumin root

Another superstar as regards body’s health and fitness is turmeric; if you find a joint supplement that is devoid of it, simply disregard it as an effective deed. Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient and is the center of research models regarding many ailments including cancer. Its joint specific benefits include effective pain relief, joint flexibility, and extended joint mobility.


  • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM

These three are classic joint-support ingredients that are scientifically backed to improve the joint structure by rebuilding its components. All three ingredients are naturally present in the joint structural framework but can be supplemented from outside sources in cases of joint damage.

Glucosamine helps rebuild cartilage tissue while its combination with Chondroitin greatly relieves the pain associated with arthritic conditions. MSM is a Sulphur containing a compound that is an essential element to maintain the integrity of joint. Though small, when combined with the former two, the effect of MSM as a pain reliever may reduce the need of other analgesic agents for an arthritic patient.

  • Quercetin

Quercetin is a known anti-oxidant that reduces the oxidative damage within joints by eliminating the number of free radicals produced. In doing so, it greatly diminishes the inflammatory sequence thus preserving the joint integrity.

  • L-Methionine

The healing and repair properties of this amino acids are crucial to fit and vigorous joints.

  • Bromelain

An extract from pineapple, it is used as a digestive enzyme but latest research has revealed its potency as an anti-inflammatory agent for a healthy joint.

  • Potassium

Potassium has a widespread role in different organ systems of our body and it delivers its services regarding joint damage repair.

Why prefer Proflexoral

There are many reasons why Proflexoral should be your supplement of choice to alleviate painful joint conditions.

Primarily, Proflexoral contains ingredients that are backed by solid science to deliver results and customers’ reviews are evident to it. The product is free from gluten, soy, dairy, nut, and hormones and is categorized as a non-GMO supplement, thereby catering to the needs of a wide range of the population.

The raw ingredients are collected from natural and organic sources, making it possible to deliver a bioavailable dose of the components every time you take the supplement. That is why; Proflexoral starts working as soon as you take the supplement and keeps on working even if you miss a dose to deliver continuous joint support.

Delivering a potent dose of ingredients, Proflexoral contains 150mg of high-grade turmeric and 200 mg of Boswellia extract for an effective relief regarding joint stiffness and mobility range. The pain relief is achieved within first twenty-four hours of taking the supplement.

The potency of the ingredients and their efficient bioavailability of this US made supplement not only delivers short-term results but by building up the cartilage and other structures, Proflexoral renders long-term benefits regarding joint health. As it works in conjunction with the body, there are no side effects of Proflexoral usually associated with regular analgesics, therefore making it possible to take the supplement for longer durations.

With Proflexoral, you can be sure and confident of delivering the responsibilities expected of you, enabling you to become an active part of the community and enjoy life activities with your loved ones. So in addition to saving your joints and reversing any damage, Proflexoral saves your sanity and boosts your self-poise and morale.

The cost and availability of Proflexoral

Proflexoral is available at the official site as single or different package deals. There are hefty discounts tagged with the product too.

You can avail a month’s supply of Proflexoral for about $39.99. The cost drops impressively if you increase the size of your order and go for three-bottle purchase at about $29.99 per bottle plus a free product. Buy four month’s supply and avail three bottles free of cost with $22.85 per bottle.

The company offers a monthly subscription with 25% discount for regular customers. All the purchases are covered by a money back guarantee and are shipped free of charge.

The conclusion on Proflexoral

The performance of Proflexoral merits its status as more of a supplement and support formula for joint health rather than an analgesic owing to its damage reversal and preservation properties.